Visual Creative


I am a graphic designer focused on visual communications, working out of Silver Spring, Maryland.

Hello! Here’s a little about me… I studied art and design at Salisbury University, a liberal art school located on the eastern shore of Maryland. Under the tutelage of professors Paul Flexner, Brooke Roger, Kim Jinchul, and Sarah Halcott I learned about great artists and periods of the past and present. Artists like Picasso, Rembrandt, Matisse; art periods like the Renaissance, Art Deco and Modern Art are what drew me to a life as an artist.While learning about art history, I also practiced and put together my thoughts and inspirations to create my own art. With today’s digital world, I took focus to Graphic Design. When I look around, I notice that everything has been thoughtfully designed by someone. So I strive to create designs that are useful to people in today’s society – designs that will stand the test of time.

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